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MoneyClips eNews

Welcome to Yes, You Can's MoneyClips eNews Center. MoneyClips provides students news releases they can use as a guide for crafting their own stories to be broadcast, published or otherwise shared with their classmates.

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MoneyClips offers real-world, hands-on journalism experience combined with financial knowledge for articles and broadcasts that share relevant information students can use today and tomorrow as they begin their adult lives. Each release comes with interview tips and sample questions so your students can customize the information to fit their audience's interests.


Millennials See Big Pros to "Tiny" Living

Yes, You Can explores the benefits of the tiny house movement, looking at why living in micro-housing has become a popular option for many millennials.

Score Lifetime Benefits Through Team Sports

Playing team sports can pay big benefits for young adults later on in their adult work lives. Yes, You Can shares some of the many benefits of playing on a team.

Careers in Agriculture Can Hit Pay Dirt

With so many ag-related careers available, and demand for these jobs increasing, careers in agriculture can be a great fit for students looking for their next step. Yes, You Can looks at ag careers and provides resources to help students prepare for careers in this industry.

Eight Tips for Buying Your First Car

For teenagers, turning 16 and obtaining a driver's license is a right of passage. Yes, You Can offers the following tips for teens looking to purchase their first car.

The Value of a Good Credit Score

Beginning the process of building a positive credit score while young can ease the transition to independence. Yes, You Can offers nine steps teens can follow to establish a strong credit history and begin a habit of responsible money management.

Healthcare Career May Be Just What the Doctor Ordered

Healthcare now equals nearly one-fifth of the U.S. economy and employment opportunities abound. Yes, You Can explores the various professions that make up this broad industry.

How to Start a New Job or Internship on the Right Foot

Making a good first impression on the job can be critical to a person's long-term success. Yes, You Can, provides nine do's and don'ts to consider when starting a new job or internship.

Establishing Good Money Habits

Learning good money habits early can help young adults avoid poor financial practices later in life. Yes, You Can provides five actions students can take to begin building solid money habits for the future.

Six Simple Ways to Stretch Savings

Money can be tight - especially for teens. Yes, You Can provides six simple ways students can save more, by spending less.

Financial Aid Gives Students Valuable Lesson in Financial Responsibility

As many students prepare for college, they are also taking out loans to help cover the costs associated with gaining a higher education. While it may seem like a simple process to receive the funds and use them as needed, students need to be aware of potential risks. Yes, You Can discusses possible pitfalls and how to avoid them.