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Yes, You Can - financial education from American Century Investments ® is our way of using our expertise in money management to help parents and educators influence the behaviors of children and young adults so they can establish a path towards financial independence.

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The Yes, You Can Curriculum is a personal finance educational program developed by American Century Investments that puts students in real-life situations where they can apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Yes, You Can Presentations are created from the Yes, You Can curriculum to provide high quality tools to aid facilitator led discussions regarding the concepts needed to achieve financial independence.

Yes, You Can Goes to School

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Now is a great time to visit the Educator section of Yes, You Can and download our free curriculum. Aligned with the 8th grade Jump$tart National Standards for Personal Finance, the curriculum is appropriate for middle and high school students.

NEW: Want to provide your students a fun five-day financial education camp experience? Take a look at our Immersion Camp curriculum.

Well, Whaddayaknow?

Looking for a game activity you can play with your children or students?
Have fun with our Whaddayaknow? Game Show. This familiar game makes you the host and your students contestants as they try to guess the questions to the answers.

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Introducing the MoneyClips eNews Center

article logoProvide your students with news releases they can use as a guide for crafting their own stories to be broadcast, published or otherwise shared with their classmates.

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